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10K Yellow Gold Solid 2.7mm Miami Cuban Link Chain Necklace 18"-30"

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Product Description
  • These Brand New Miami Cuban Chains are 100% GUARANTEED 10K Yellow GOLD and have been professionally tested and Stamped 10K for Purity Authenticity. We guarantee the purity of the gold to be 10K, and the chains are NOT HOLLOW, NOT PLATED, NOT FILLED.
  • The chains fasten with a Solid 10K Yellow Gold Box Clasp with Double Safety Locks that is very strong and easy to use (Chains 4mm and lower feature a lobster clasp). They can be worn on their own or with a pendant. Miami Cuban Chains are especially known for their classic style, shine, and strength.
  • These high quality chains will not tarnish, discolor, or fade as they are Pure 10K Gold and MADE IN ITALY.
  • We are one of the largest, most trusted gold online retailers for over 15 years. We continue to maintain our phenomenal reputation by providing authentic gold chains with excellent customer service. BUY REAL GOLD WITH CONFIDENCE- You are guaranteed WHOLESALE PRICES on these Guaranteed 10K Gold Chains. We always offer a Hassle-Free 30 Day Return Policy.


Weight Chart

L/W 2.7mm 3.5mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 7mm 8mm 9mm 10mm
7in 3.7g 5.4g 7.6g 13.7g 19.8g - - - -
7.5in 3.9g 5.8g 8.1g 14.7g 21.2g 27.2g 35.4g - -
8in 4.2g 6.2g 8.6g 15.7g 22.6g 29.2g 37.7g 47.1g 59.1g
8.5in 4.5g 6.6g 9.2g 16.7g 24.1g 31.1g 40.1g 49.9g 62.6g
9in 4.7g 7.1g 9.8g 17.7g 25.5g 32.9g 42.5g 52.9g 66.3g
18in 9.4g 13.9g 19.5g 33.9g - - - - -
20in 10.5g 15.4g 21.6g 37.7g 56.6g 68.2g - - -
22in 11.5g 16.9g 23.8g 41.1g 62.2g 74.9g 103.8g 129.3g -
24in 12.6g 18.5g 26.9g 45.2g 67.9g 81.4g 113.2g 141.1g 176.9g
26in 13.6g 20.1g 28.1g 49.1g 73.6g 88.6g 122.7g 152.8g 191.6g
28in 14.6g 21.5g 30.2g 52.7g 79.2g 95.2g 132.1g 164.5g 206.4g
30in 15.7g 23.1g 32.4g 56.5g 84.9g 102.3g 141.5g 176.3g 221.1g


*These are approximate weights. Please allow up to +/- 10% difference