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Training to make gold teeth or mouth grillz has never been so easy. You can now learn from the comfort of your home. It is not only to develop yourself in the art of custom grillz, it will also provide you the skills and knowledge to create your own lucrative business. You will get the training you need in the video training to specialize in gold teeth, mouth grillz, real gold grillz and just about any custom grillz. Take action, take control, take a course that will have you prepared to advance.


No need to leave your shop or house to train

Safety is our priority 

Learn what polishers to use

Learn how to do quality control and check your fitting

Learn the tricks of the trade and insider secrets. This is a limited time opportunity!
There are only 10 DVD's available!
Our 1.5 hour video training course will teach you everything you need to know to make GOLD TEETH GRILLZ and set up your business. Using our powerful tools you can unlock your business potential and learn to create a product that will not only allow you to thrive in a high-demand market but also provide you with a satisfying creative outlet for your artistic abilities. Show the world what you can do!


And Here's More Reasons Why You Should Sign Up Now:
The Gold Teeth Industry Is A Billion Dollar Industry and It's Been Around For Hundreds Of Years And It's Not Going Anywhere! 
It Costs Less than $1500 to Start!
Immediate Huge Returns ($5k Weekly or more) 
No Creative Skills Required 
Just A Willingness To Learn And Apply 
How Are Grillz Made?



Ever wonder how the grillz you see and wear are made? We're here to satisfy your curiosity and break down the steps that most people use when creating the grillz that you see. 

Custom Grillz are made through 3 main steps. First, we get the customers' dental impressions and pour the molds of their teeth. Next, we cast the metal (usually gold) in a centrifuge using the lost-wax technique. Lastly, we clean up the casting material and polish the grillz to a nice shine.
If you're still interested in the process and want to learn more about the details of the process, Order your DVD today.





 Was $1597.00

Now Only $997.00



What you will learn:

Teeth Prep
-Molding kit tutorial
-Teeth Wax Prep
-Wax Carving
Casting Equipment
*Investment (Burnout Process)
*Heating Oven (Burnout Process)
*Gold Smelting (for melting gold)
*Casting (turning gold into grillz)
Cleaning & Finishing
-Sanding and Polishing
-Finishing/ Designs
-Where to buy gold
-Where to get equipment
-How to sell grillz
-How to promote
-How to get your first customer

Learn Every Step From Start 2 Finish!

We are now letting this program be on sale so you can use it and give us your feedback.

We know you'll love it and would have no problem making Grillz with this video course. 

You'll recieve the downloadable training link to you email within 24-48hrs


Equipement is a seperate charge that we offer and it starts at $2k-$3k


Equipment: We Provide Equipment *Separate FEE* MUST Inquire

Don't Have Enough Funds for Equipment- Dont worry, if you purchase the DVD you also receive our blog on how to make grillz with a budget without using all the casting equipment! INQUIRE!!! 


"I truly appreciate what Custom Grillz Inc is doing for the small business community. Thanks for allowing me to start my own grillz business. The DVD was not complicated to understand at all, no more sending my molds out!"

Kev- Philadelphia, PA







"I'm so glad that I ordered you guys Grillz Training DVD. After I watched it over and over about 20 times, I decided to order my equipment and start practicing. I've now started taking appointments and set up my own little shop out of my garage. Orders are pouring in now since I'm the only dude in my town making them! Much appreciated, yall have my fullest support.  💯"

Rashad M.- San Franciso, CA

New Updates

We are glade to present to you that we will now be partnering with “Teachable” an online ecourse school. Our DVD training will be converted to a full blown ecourse learning school that will be structured and tailored to increase your ability to maximize your capabilities. If your order your DVD training right now, you will have free access to our academy ecourse that will have more resources . The price will be much higher once it launches. So get this price now.

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