How to buy grillz? 5 ways to pick the perfect grillz for you

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I feel as though this topic is a big portion of the grillz buying process and many people tend to not realize that you have tons of options for grillz.

Most of the time it's new grillz buyers that's confused on which type of grill they should get. Ooh yes, we get this question alot. "So what kind of grillz should I get?"

This question is just wayyyy to broad to answer. It also requires us as grillz sellers to ask you a million questions to find out. Which happens to waste alot of time because we still have to do your mold.

There are many ways to pick out the perfect grillz for you.

Sometimes you already know what you want and sometimes it has to appeal to your senses. 

Being in the grillz business for so many years now, I've seen a lot of different ways people have chosen to pick out the right grillz for them.


1.) Understand Your Teeth Diagram

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Not just for grillz but also in life, it's good to understand your teeth. You should be able to identify the name of each one of your teeth and also know how many teeth you have in your mouth. I've had plenty of customers that did not even know how many teeth they had in their mouth until I ask, "so how many teeth you want grillz on?" It's a funny thing because they tend to count on their fingers and then count their teeth and realize that they only have 18 or 20 teeth or a tooth missing. 

So prior to wanting grillz, you should try to identify what teeth you have and how many. This will help you to know if you're able to get a full 12 pack or only 10 pack.


2.) Find out what teeth you would feel comfortable putting grillz on

This part of the process could be a little tricky because there are soo many teeth that you could choose from to put a grill on. But sometimes if you use your tongue and feel across your teeth, this could help you find out if you'd like a gold tooth there. 

The reason is that when you glide your tongue across your teeth, this motion will imitate a slight gold tooth feel. By placing your tongue over your tooth you will feel that your tooth is covered and your lip will feel a slight sensation thus reacting to the object on it.

So if your thinking about getting a 6pc grill, try gliding your tongue from k-9(fang) to k9 and then bite down, see how it feels.  Imagine if it's a grill. Try it now!



3.) Do you want to be Flashy or Contemporary

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Now I believe this is the easy part of the process. Most people should know if they like being flashy or not. I'll explain what I mean by Flashy and Contemporary.

Flashy: Like jewelry that shines bright and sparkle like diamonds. Likes to be seen by everyone when they step on the scene. Likes their money to show.

Contemporary: The total opposite of flashy of course. Don't like to be noticed so easily. Rather feel good about yourself to yourself than to show everyone else(Ryhm Like to look clean and not so different.

These two custom definitions should help you identify if your one of them or not.


4.) Time to pick your grillz design

Of course, if you went the contemporary route then you'd want to go all solid gold grillz or singles. Definitely confused new buyers. But that doesn't mean you have to get plain solid because there are some designs that are contemporary like Open Face and Bridge design.

But if you'd like to be flashy then you can simply google "Celebrity Grillz" and see what cool and popular styles they have on and choose if that Celebrity matches your style. This has helped lots of people choose a design.

Or you can choose a design that will most fit you from a list of grillz designs on our website. I've also seen customers screenshot photos from Instagram that they have seen in their feed. If you really want to be creative and different, then you can simply come up with a crazy custom design no one has ever thought of. You can also do this by mixing and matching different designs together like an all you can eat buffet. This can include diamonds or diamond cuts.


5.) Finally, you can now place your order

So after you've followed the previous 4 steps above, you should now feel confident enough to place your grillz order and be happy with what you've gotten!


Sometimes picking grillz can be so complex that it has to be broken down to a science. Most people don't realize these things until it's happening. But picking a grill is a very simple thing and should be thought of prior to ordering online or coming to an appointment. The last thing anyone wants to happen is an unhappy customer because they've chosen the wrong grill.

Getting grillz is more than fashion to some. It's a lifestyle and you should enjoy it as you've earned it!


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Have you ever thought of getting grillz or have you gotten grillz before? If so then please comment below and let us know what kind of grillz you want or already have.

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